BE ON TIME! Although this studio is a community teaching/observing space where lesson times tend to overlap (by design), tardiness leads to a snowball effect of inefficiency, and negatively impacts the other families attending this studio. This studio values EVERYONE’S time!

VACATION SCHEDULE: This studio mirrors the academic calendar of the local school systems around Brentwood/Oakley, CA. If the school observes a national holiday or 1-week (or more) recess, no classes are held at my studio, and you do not pay any fees during that time unless a private lesson is arranged. Summer lessons are highly encouraged for continuity and momentum into the next academic calendar year.

CANCELLATION and MAKEUP LESSON POLICY: You are responsible for getting yourself and your child to all classes. In the instances that I am unable to teach during the normal session time (due to illness/being on the road with my band), the session will be rescheduled. We are not scheduled to meet on holiday breaks, so you don't pay for that time. 

UPDATED 10/2022: Missed lessons are not made up. Once you reserve a spot with me on the calendar, it is yours. I cannot create a student to fill the calendar gap if you cannot be at your lesson.  However, if you give 24+ hours notice (via or by calling/texting me: 510/427-7032) that a lesson will be missed, I will add your name to a re-scheduling list to be held on one advertised day in that billing month. 
Illness/family Emergency: Rescheduled lessons are at the convenience of Kathy. It will occur on a first-come basis on a specified day of the SAME month as the missed lesson.  

OBSERVATION: Parents, students and family members are expected to show the courtesy of quiet activity during another students lesson. If it is not your child’s turn at the time, it is strongly encouraged that they are observing the student working with the teacher. Otherwise, they can be sitting with quiet work like coloring. 


LISTENING: My Suzuki violin students are encouraged to listen to classical music at least 3-5 hours per week. Play recordings softly in the background (make it environmental!) while students are drawing, dancing, doing homework, lying in their bed, or riding in the car. This will save months of learning to distinguish the sound and feeling of a good tone. It will develop what Shinichi Suzuki termed "Musical Sensitivity". Here are specific details:

1.Violin students: Listen DAILY to Suzuki Repitoire CD 1/2hr-1hr per day. Make your own version of the cd which only includes pieces played with the violin. Make it background/environmental music. Make several copies- for your car, your home stereo, your child's bedroom cd player etc..

2. Beginning Suzuki vioin students need to be DAILY listening to the first several pieces in Suzuki Book 1 (Twinkles through Go Tell Aunt Rhody). Make a cd of just these pieces. Make one for your car, for your home stereo, for your child's bedroom cd player etc.. Rotate all the listening assignments around the house and car.

3. Listen throughout the month to a classical piece or work of music (like Vivaldi's Four Seasons or Mozart's Violin Concertos). Check with me each month on the selection to be added to the listening list. By the end of one month of listening to these specific (and limited number of) classical selections, the student will begin to recognize it. Simply throwing a pile of classical music selections their way will not make the same impact and they will retain very little of it. This idea does not further the work in 'musical sensitivity' we are developing with your child.

4. Guitar students: watch/listen to artists featuring the guitar, or offering online tutorials. Up to half of your daily practice can be spent on this *research*. Keep track of artist/piece in your daily journal. 


Concert and recital attendance is highly encouraged.


OTHER CHILDREN IN ATTENDANCE: Please bring quiet work for them to do. They are invited to be with us quietly in the studio during individual and group lessons. If attending children are unable to remain quiet, you will need to find another solution so that they are not in attendance.


PARENTS: Your job is to attend all classes, observe and take notes during the lesson, be the teacher’s assistant in the home, ensure that regular listening work is happening daily, and be a font of encouragement and praise for your wondrous child. The regularity of practice and listening you commit to is the key to your child's success in this program!





As of 7/1/22: Tuition (non homeschool clients) must be paid by first lesson or the 5th of each month, either by Cash, Venmo, Zelle or Paypal.
One approved makeup lesson can be made up on a specified day of that month. The "makeup lesson day" is scheduled in advance on a first-come basis. 
cryingA late fee of $10 is applied if not paid by first lesson of month.


REGULAR STUDIO RATE August 2022- June 2023

$40/ 30 min

$60/ 45 min

       $80/ 60 min


VIOLIN/GUITAR PURCHASES: MUST be authorized by me. We do NOT want our student to struggle with a sub-functional instrument. Trust that I will not let you buy something that has (foreseeable) trouble spots. Just say NO to Ebay. Say NO to "instrument-shaped objects"!